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Peyote Bracelet Cuff Pattern - Cheery Easter Eggs

Welcome to Melicraft Peyote Beading patterns! I hope you enjoy working these up as much as I do. Please note that you have to have an existing knowledge of Peyote stitch, both odd and even counts. This listing is not for a tutorial, just the pattern. After beading, just choose your own favourite clasp or beaded fastening. You are free to add or subract rows so you can make this to fit.

This bracelet cuff is made with EVEN COUNT peyote stitch, and the colours I designed with are detailed in the included legend, and are Miyuki  11/0 delicas. The legend also includes bead counts. You can of course substitute your own colour choices if you like, this is an excellent stash buster. You can also substitute the  delicas for any seed beads, but note that the stated sizes of the finished bracelet will be different.

The downloadable PDF file you will receive includes:

An image for reference
A legend with colour suggestions and bead counts
A row by row written instruction pattern
A bead graph.

As is standard with these patterns, please do not share (sharing the link from this website is fine!) , claim as your own, or re-sell. You are however, free to sell items you make using my patterns, a shout out for the design is always welcome! Please read our Terms & Conditions for more help downloading these files, and also the conditions to which you are bound to regarding licence.

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